First day of First Grade.

Last night as I (procrastinated) prepared Kerri for her first day of school, I decided to cut her bangs. Big mistake (I never learn). As I tucked supplies in backpacks and tucked (tried to anyway) Kerri in for the night, I started to (panic) worry about what to put in her lunch box.

And then I checked out the school's website, (because I had no idea where to go the first day), only to find out that the law here states that parents of all children involved in bullying are to be contacted, and the incidents reported. Wow. The school never contacted me, it was the other way around. I wonder if anything was ever really documented and/or reported. But I digress.

Kerri and I headed out to school bright and early (in the cold rain) this morning, with a lunch box full of chocolate milk, a yogurt tube, carrot sticks, a banana, macaroni and cheese, and goldfish crackers. Hey - there was dairy, fruit, and a veggie. But no protein. Yes, I am hanging my head in shame, so please do not lecture me on Kerri's nutrition. And we also had a second backpack with about 35 pounds worth of school supplies, extra clothes and extra shoes. I almost brought a suitcase.

We headed to the office to drop off Kerri's asthma medications and pick up forms for her free Medic Alert bracelet. I spoke to the principal, who told me the name of the teacher Kerri was going to report to. I asked if the bully was in Kerri's class too, and she said no, they were doing their best to keep them separate. And then we were sent to the gym to await further directions. It was chaotic. No one knew what was going on. But I saw bully boy and his parents, and made Kerri wave hello to him. And then I smiled and waved at his parents. His father ignored me. His mother waved hesitantly and gave me a strange look, as if she was confused as to why I would wave to her. Hmm. I wonder what they were told.

Since I knew Kerri's teacher's name, I shared that with a neighbor kid, who happened to know the teacher. She said the teacher was nice but very strict. And then she pointed her out to me. So Kerri and I introduced ourselves to her first grade teacher, and I had a few minutes to tell her about Kerri's asthma, her meds, and her speech therapy before it got really busy.

Once the principal introduced the staff, and all teachers had their students, we headed to Kerri's classroom. Kerri received a name tag from her teacher. Because the only one who did not know Kerri's name in that classroom was the teacher.
Kerri paid attention to the teacher's instructions, while Mommy snapped a few pictures. Take a look at those bangs! And within minutes her hand was up, with a question. Or an observation. I cannot remember which. The teacher thanked her for raising her hand and commended her on her good manners.

And then the teacher told us that the other four first graders that were in another class would probably be joining Kerri's class. Which means bully boy will be in her class, probably within the week. I am sure the principal knew this and did not tell me.

I snuck out, but Kerri saw me and pouted as I waved goodbye. So I promised I would be there to pick her up. And I silently prayed she would eat her lunch (and that I would not get a note telling me what a terrible lunch I had packed).

When I picked up Kerri she was all smiles and talking non stop about what she did that day. And how she did not eat the carrot sticks or the goldfish crackers. And she chastised me because all the other kids had juice boxes, and I had forgotten to put one in her lunch box. Then she opened her lunch box and drank her chocolate milk in the car on the way home, in between her comments. And warned me the teacher said the first snack of the day had to be a fruit. Thank goodness I had packed a banana, or I would have been on time out. And then Kerri made me promise I would go through her communication book and sign it or I would be in big trouble with the teacher.

We had a snack, talked some more, and then went to get her bangs fixed at the hair salon. And the kind (because he wanted a nice tip) hairdresser told me I really had not done that bad of a job on Kerri's bangs. I tried my best not to laugh.

We are heading out to Kung Fu in a few, but I am already pooped. And I have homework (forms and decisions to make) and a lunch menu to figure out for tomorrow. As for dinner, I left a note on the fridge telling hubby I would make some hamburgers on the grill when we get home. I am tired already, and it has only been day one! And tomorrow, Grandpa Oscar is flying in from Florida.

Life with Kerri is going by too quickly.