Kerri is now friends with her ex boyfriend, who is still trying to invite himself into our home to play the Wii. I think she has dealt with the "breakup" pretty well, but she is still holding on to the hope that he will change his mind. Or that he will not recognize her when she grows up, so she can woo him all over again. She still smiles and runs to the door every time he rings the doorbell - which is pretty much every day, several times a day.

School starts in two weeks, and Kerri will be really busy. I think I am going to need a portable planner to keep track of all her appointments!

Last night we gave the kids flashlights and they ran around playing tag in the dark while us Moms chatted on my doorstep. It is amazing what you learn when you just listen, and let someone else talk. I hope Kerri learns to do that someday! Right now she is the bossy kid, the one that tells all the other kids what to do. And they let her, which is what amazes me most.

We also were mosquito targets, and therefore are scratching red bumps everywhere we were bit. I had an aunt that would cut a lemon or garlic and put it on a mosquito bite to make the itching stop. I think I will try that later today. My Mom used to cover me in pink Calamine lotion. The itching would stop, but then the lotion would harden and I would look like I had the chicken pox. I think I will try the garlic - maybe it will keep the blood suckers away as well as the ex-boyfriend. One can dream, no?

Tomorrow Nana is coming over after work and Daddy and I are going on a date. Except that Kerri is worried that Nana will not cook and she will go hungry. So we told Kerri we would stay for dinner and leave snacks for them afterwards. Our date is quickly turning into just a coffee break. Kerri told me we should go somewhere romantic. I don't even know where she heard that word or even if she knows what it means. Sometimes I have to remind myself she is still only 5 years old. And as for Daddy and myself, we are not sure what to do on our date. We are really out of practice!

Life with Kerri is more than I ever hoped it would be.