The gift.

Yesterday we set out to a computer store so hubby could order his birthday gift. While Kerri and I tried to understand what was being said, hubby (in a matter of minutes) had assembled his dream come true stack of boxes. I finally came out of my geek-induced coma in time to pay, and wait for the call to pick up the new toy next week.

As we were leaving the candy store for computer fanatics, we realized the new Asian supermarket megastore was right next door. On a whim, we decided to go check it out. When the doors opened, my initial reaction was that it smelled like China. And I was instantly transported back in time to Nanchang, JiangXi, where we visited a supermarket (much like this one) with Kerri.

My second reaction was of awe. There was so much to see! And so many Asians! But what awed me was Kerri's reaction. She had a look of deja vu and the biggest smile on her face. Right in front of her was an employee handing out taste samples of dumplings, Kerri's favorite. And there were taste sample posts everywhere - and Kerri had to stop and try each one of them.

We bought Dim Sum, and Sushi, and a Coconut Bun, and dumplings, and edemame, and Chinese crisp candies, Tofu, and a tea set, and baby bok choy, and I forget what else. And Kerri said "Ni Hao" (hello) to everyone she met, and "Xi Xi" (thank you) every chance she got. We checked every aisle, and Kerri spent extra time looking at all the live seafood. And when we were leaving, as she finished up her last sample, she had this dreamy look on her face. I asked her if she liked the supermarket, and she said: "Yes, it reminds me of China." And then she asked me if she could learn Chinese. I was dumbstruck. That was the first time Kerri ever asked to learn Chinese, she never seemed interested in it before.

When we came home, we ate most of our goodies, (and it was all amazing and authentic!), and Kerri asked for her chopsticks. And I was thrilled she identified with her culture. And glad she wants to learn more about it. But I am sad that she does not have any Chinese mentors in her life. I think I need to fix that. So maybe instead of starting Girl Guides in September, we will look for a Chinese culture/language school.

Life with Kerri is the gift.