The boyfriend.

Kerri's new boyfriend has been very persistent. He has been coming over every day to ask permission for Kerri to come out to play. And then he invites himself in to play too. And Kerri will drop everything when that doorbell rings. She calls out his name and runs to the door. Oy.

Yesterday, they played outside until it started to rain. I told boyfriend we were heading inside and would see him later. He rang the doorbell not ten minutes later, and in he came. We experienced a severe thunderstorm, which usually scare Kerri. But this time she was too busy playing in her basement playroom with lover boy. They took turns jumping on the trampoline, riding the rocking horse, and playing marching band. At one point they found some flowers, and they decided to get married. I almost had a heart attack when Kerri (giggling her head off) decided she needed to kiss the groom. Boyfriend had no idea what to do, thank goodness, and I was able to divert his attention and thwart her kiss.

When they got bored with the toys downstairs, they came up to play the Wii. At one point, Kerri was yelling at boyfriend because he did not know how to play as well as she does. His Mom came to check up on him, and Kerri told her she was divorcing him right then and there. We laughed and I was somewhat relieved that the summer romance was over. But that did not last long, they were back "on" within minutes, and Kerri retracted her divorce. Sigh.

So our days now revolve around what time the boyfriend will ring the doorbell. And then my life is on hold until Daddy comes home (so we can send boyfriend home).

Life with Kerri is a soap opera.