Pass the tissues please!

Like my husband and daughter, today I am running a slight fever and not feeling well. In between cooking, laundry and doing dishes, I tried to sneak in some quiet time in bed. That lasted a whole minute. Kerri came into my room and proceeded to built a "fort" using pillows.

Later in the afternoon, I tried to sip some hot tea and imagined I was on a fantasy island somewhere, sipping exotic umbrella fruity drinks. That fantasy came to an abrupt halt when Kerri yelled: "Moooooom, Daddy won't let me fly my broomstick!". You see, Daddy and Kerri were playing the Harry Potter Wii game, and they always end up arguing.

I gave up. Moms are not allowed to get sick. We still have to tend to the house, the kids (because Daddy turns into a kid when he plays the Wii or is sick), the dog, the cooking, the laundry.....sigh. So I made meatloaf for dinner, washed the dishes afterwards, and then listened to my "children" argue some more over their game.

I wonder how long it will take for them to notice if I sneak upstairs for a bath....wish me luck!

Life with Kerri is easier when Mom is not sick.