It's official.

Today Kerri met Master Ly, founder of the Traditional Shao-Lin Kung Fu school we had been looking into. He has a warm smile and kind eyes, and a peaceful and graceful demeanor. They shared a few words in Chinese, and Master Ly accepted Kerri into his school. Kerri also got to observe an adult class taking place and decided she wants to be just a teensy bit better than Mulan.

This Sunday the school is opening it's second location, and there will be a Grand Opening party with dragon dancers! Master Ly really wants to see Kerri at the party, he thought she would enjoy it. I think he is right. So I will be taking my camera along. The new location is where Kerri will be attending, since it is closer to our home. And she will be going three days a week to start.

Her first class is the following Tuesday after the grand opening, where she will be given her new and first official uniform. I think I am more excited than Kerri is!

So between school, Kung Fu and Girl Guides, I am going to have a very busy girl. I can't wait!

Life with Kerri is about new beginnings.