Heart broken.

Yesterday evening, Kerri was playing outside with her boyfriend. She very excitedly told him she was going to marry him. And then it happened. He broke her heart.

Boyfriend told Kerri that no, he was not marrying her because he was going to marry the Spanish neighbor girl (the one who has dumped him for the older 6 year old boy). And Kerri argued with him that he could not marry her since she dumped him and had another boyfriend. But he did not care.

A very tearful Kerri came inside, her heart crushed. She cried and had a tantrum. She was whiny the rest of the night. She was so very upset. We had to talk to her about how she could not force someone to like her the way she liked them. I reminded her that Daddy and I started out as friends too. And she reluctantly agreed that (for now) she could only be friends with her former boyfriend. But she is not happy about it.

My heart breaks for my little girl.