Growing up.

For the past few days, Kerri and I have been shopping. Actually, Kerri has been shopping. I am just the chauffeur and the bank.

I have no idea where she gets this from, but my little girl seems to love going through clothes and shoe racks, and trying things on. She even tried on an adult pair of high heels, and would not believe me they were too big for her until she tried walking in them. High heels! As if I would allow that. I am thinking this is just a sign of what is to come.

In the clothes racks, she picked out twirly skirts and dresses. She seems to be a girly girl. Unlike her Mommy - who wears no makeup, and considers jeans and a t-shirt proper attire these days. Kerri even looked at accessories, and makeup!

In the home wares aisles, she picked out a "princess" night light. I secretly made it disappear from our shopping cart. And when we were at the cashier, Kerri pointed out her purchases and realized the light was missing. So she ran back and got another one. Sigh.

At the restaurants, Kerri ordered her own meals. She even gave the waiter instructions! Of course, she is such a happy and funny kid that no one took offense at her bossy behaviour. Yet, anyway.

And at the doctor office, Kerri flirted with her doctor, and had him laughing so hard he had trouble listening to her lungs. Can you believe my soon to be 6 year old weighs 50 pounds?! She is growing like a weed!

At Costco, Kerri ordered her Daddy around the aisles so she could pick out things we needed. Because we definitely needed ten pounds of cheese.

When I am driving, she is my GPS system. Because she knows where she is going, and thinks I am clueless. She is sort of right.

The only time Kerri stops talking is when she is sleeping. Well almost. And she has an opinion on every subject. And lots of questions too. She will ask "Why?" until you run out of explanations.

And I would not change a thing about Kerri. She is the most amazing little girl. Of course, I am her proud Mommy, so I am very biased. But ask anyone who has met her. I am sure they will agree with me. :o)

Life with Kerri makes me grateful that I have the privilege of watching her grow up.