For Teri.

Today Kerri received a package from our dear friend Teri. In it was a letter, and this very special doll made by Teri just for Kerri. I hope Teri does not mind, but I am going to copy the content of the letter here so Kerri has it for prosperity:

We missed you at the re-union this year. Enclosed you will find a very special doll made by me for you. I made each girl a doll. I hope you like it. There is a tag on each doll that reads "sisters" in Chinese calligraphy. The dolls are all "sisters" like you are with the other girls from our adoption travel group. Let me know what you decide to name her!
Teri Piver
Mama to Ana, Lia, Austin, & Adam"

The reunion Teri is mentioning was this year's "Chinapalooza". We were in Toronto on a business trip while our adoption group reunited in Chicago on the anniversary of our girls' Gotcha Day. Every year, the Chinapalooza reunion happens in a different location. So far, we have only been able to attend one reunion (last year) and were very disappointed when we could not attend this year.

Dearest have made Kerri very happy with her custom made doll, and she has decided to name it Misty Ana-Lia. Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and unique gift. Kerri has not put it down yet, and she says it is now her favorite doll because it was made just for her.

Life with Kerri is special because of her friends. :o)