Boyfriend persists.

Today was a busy day. We took Daddy to the doctor, because he has a pretty bad sinus infection. Then we took him to pick up his birthday present. And ran a few errands on the way home.

When we got home, boyfriend was waiting for us. We said hi and went indoors with our packages, and not two seconds later the doorbell rang. Daddy went to the door and told boyfriend maybe later. Boyfriend put his foot in the door and asked why. Daddy explained we were going to eat and Kerri would be out after her meal, and then tried to close the door. Boyfriend said he would wait inside our house for her to finish eating, and stuck his foot even more in the door. The test of wills was won by Daddy, but it took a few more minutes of talking to boyfriend, who was not giving up.

By the way, when Kerri went outside to play, boyfriend was inside his house, being punished for being bad (per Kerri, who knocked on his door and talked to his Mom).

Not long after, he came back to our door, along with his Mom, and Kerri and I went outside to play. Boyfriend twice told me that Kerri invited him inside, and both his Mom and I told him we were staying outside because it was a beautiful day. And Daddy really did not want to give anyone his germs. That seemed to satisfy boyfriend, for today anyway.

This boyfriend is really persistent.

Life with Kerri is a glimpse of what's to come.