bestfriends...and bitter enemies

Why is it one or the other? They either get along so well, playing until the light goes off at night, or provoking one another. Tanner likes making Kate scream. And Kate loves provoking Tanner right back. Drives. Me. Nuts.

Tanner's latest obsession is with being bored. "This is the most boringest day in my whole life." I can't even count how many times he's said this to me. "I am sooo bored. I can't believe what a boring day we're having. I can't do my chores, I'm too bored." Yeah. I really love that last line. Yesterday he said he was so bored and the reason he was bored was because he was starving and I needed to make him German pancakes. Unbelievable. We've been so worried about him going to kindergarten (next week by the did the last 5 years go by so quickly?), but I think he's excited now, because he's so "bored". The funny thing is, I remember saying this to my Mom all the time when I was little. She say, "Well, if you're really bored, then clean the house." I hated it when she said that. I tried that on Tanner the other day, and he didn't appreciate it either. By the way, as I typed that last sentence, Tanner came up beside me and said, "this is sooo boring".

Kate and Tanner got new chores about 3 weeks ago. Kate's chores are:
  1. letting us brush her teeth every night
  2. getting dressed (and keeping her clothes on...she has a real problem with this)
Tanner's chores are:
  1. emptying the dishwasher daily
  2. +putting his dirty clothes in the hamper
They get $2 a week if they've done their chores everyday.

Well, there's more to write, but Tanner is begging for a "project". And I'm still in my pajamas. And I should do the dishes while Elle is still napping.

Have a happy Friday.