Transitional Week

So I have finished nine weddings and countless cake tasting consultations and I am taking a break from wedding cake. Right smack in the middle of wedding season. I'm also taking a break from my gardens, my laundry, my kids, my housework, Expertec cookies and motorcycle rides with my husband. So I'm taking a break from my whole life, really. Except blogging. But it's not a vacation. I'll still be gardening, doing laundry and housework, cooking and baking. I'll be doing it in a hotter place also. I'm changing scenery for a very important event.

We're having a baby.

When I say "we" I mean- not me. I mean- "We", our family, are having a baby. A new little person is joining our family. And I am going to welcome him/her here and cook for his/her mama and play with my grandson and sweat in Michigan's humidity and slap mosquitos. And snuggle a brand new baby! And make creme brulee on his/her birthday! I can't wait!

But. There is so much to do before a person can leave home. I've been concentrating on getting all the wedding cakes made and delivered and throwing a big party for our son. We have a house full of boys here with two extras from Switzerland visiting. We've had birthday parties and someone's first American Fourth of July to celebrate. Now it is two days until departure time and I haven't even made my lists yet.

This trip will go on record as the most complicated one we have ever taken. In conjunction with the arrival of a new member of the family is our annual church convention which is taking place a short distance across the state line from our pregnant daughter's home. Our big boys are delegates. Our little boys are preparing for the Saturday night talent show. For the first time in all of human history every one of my family is attending this convention (except pregnant Katie and I unless the baby comes early and then maybe we can go?). The members of my family have four different departure times, four different arrival times (yes, I coordinated all the plane tickets) and three different places to lay their weary heads at night. We may or may not actually be together during this trip.

Right now the final outcome of our family's events in the coming week are in the tiny grip of a newborn baby. Babies come when they are ready to come and no amount of logic or careful planning will change that. God willing, we all- big boys, little boys, big sisters and parents- will be together one week from now fighting over who will hold the baby next and taking ten million photographs and blogging all about it.

In the mean time I need to find our luggage.