Sunday funnies.

Yesterday we were entertaining guests (the usual: Carol and Andre, Nana and Steve), when Kerri's new boyfriend rang the doorbell. We told him we were busy eating but if he wanted to come back later he could come in and play the Wii with Kerri.

So he came back within half an hour.

They played almost every game she had - for about ten minutes each - and then decided they wanted to "rock". I could not resist taking pictures:

Kerri singing "Yellow Submarine", boyfriend on the drums.

Carol joined in on the chorus, with Pookie at her side.

Kerri belts it out!
Boyfriend also plays a mean guitar. :o)

Boyfriend's Mom came over several times to try and coax him out of the house. It did not work, so she joined us for a while. But then it was time for him to go home, so we handed them some leftover ribs and sent them on their way, with a promise to play again tomorrow.

In the meantime, Kerri quickly forgot all about her boyfriend and decided she wanted to kiss and marry Steve (Nana's boyfriend). And then she got all shy and upset when (a not so really but pretending to be jealous) Nana confronted her. It took Daddy another half an hour to calm Kerri down and for Kerri to get over Steve and come to the realization that she could not have him.

And then boyfriend showed up in the back yard, asking if he could come back in (at 9 pm!), and Kerri invited him to sleep over. Her parental units almost had a heart attack. Boyfriend was convinced to wait until tomorrow, and Kerri was told in no uncertain terms that she could not just invite boys to sleep over without her parents' permission!

We packed up and took Nana and Steve home, and when we got back, Pookie was peeking out the back verticals, ears back. When we came in, he showed us why. He had jumped up on the table while we were gone and eaten half a raspberry almond crostata, and two entire cupcakes - wrappers and all. A very guilty pooch followed us into bed and collapsed into a diabetic coma. Well not really, but he knew he had done something wrong so maybe he was just pretending for some sympathy.

And that is how we spent our Sunday - laughing all day long for various reasons. And Mommy and Daddy are now shopping for a chastity belt and iron bars for the windows and doors.

OK, maybe not yet. But we are thinking about it! ;o)

Life with Kerri is all about making happy memories.