Short but Sweet

We've had a busy weekend, full of family gatherings and partings, reunions with old friends, fellowships, meetings, barbecue and talent show, travel, worship and making new friends with Amish folk.

The kids all arrived at Katie's and the seven were together once again.

Soon after their arrival their father had to leave. Our family gathering was not 100% complete but such is life sometimes.

Predictably, the new member of the family was the main attraction for everyone.

Though everyone got their turn to bond with Evan there was still much impatience for more time with him.

Our one evening meal together was a special celebratory dinner to commemorate Evan's arrival in our family. It was a perfect summer evening, Katie and Nathan had just been given some outdoor furniture, the garden lilies were in bloom and there were few mosquitos. An outdoor meal was without question.

We opened a bottle of wine that Kristin had brought back from Europe. A 1998 French wine was just special enough for the occasion.

We wondered how many more times we would be able to gather all together for family celebrations.

It is getting harder and harder to do. We all missed having you with us for this one, Dad!

My little food snobs were pleased with the food including Katie's own artisan bread.

It was good to have leisurely time together since it would soon be time to go again.

Before dessert we had a break for more visiting with neighbors. The local Amish came with their buggy offering rides for the kids. Then the Grandma and Grandpa walked over for more visiting. It became clear our family gathering was something of interest in a neighborhood of people who have no television. The Amish neighbors were very curious about us and we had a lovely discussion about each of our families. They made a point of asking about everyone's ages and years of birth as well as revealing their own. This kind of fact sharing is not usual in my visiting among the English.

As soon as our visitors were gone we continued our family time with dessert by candlelight.

More baby time by candlelight also.

We hope it won't be too long until our next gathering together.