Quick updates!

  • Kerri asked me for her own blog. I explained she already has one, and that I would include whatever she wanted. She argued that "Life with Kerri" was my blog, because I posted pictures that I took and not hers. So we compromised, and Kerri will, from time to time, post her pictures on this blog. Consider yourself warned. :o)
  • Last night we took Daddy out to dinner to the seafood restaurant (which might be renamed "Red Chicken" if these oil spills keep happening!) to celebrate the end of his employer's probation period. There was a spectacular lightening storm, which we really enjoyed watching from our window seats. That is, when we weren't fighting Kerri for the cheesy biscuits!
  • Kerri has a new love interest. Sigh. He is the cute blonde from the corner, and he now rings our doorbell for Kerri to come play. He has already invited himself over on a rainy day for indoor playtime as well. Kerri has told his parents that she is going to marry him. The future in-laws are now super friendly. Oy vey!
  • We are still awaiting vacation news, so our travel plans this summer are still up in the air. But in the meantime, I have to get going on Karate and Girl Guides (which start in September!). Kerri is excited to start these two activities, but for now is enjoying her leisure summer days with her love interest and the neighborhood kids.
  • I started shopping for school supplies with Kerri yesterday. Oh my, how times have changed! And how expensive! I don't remember first grade being so demanding or complicated. After comparing lists with some friends, I don't feel so bad though. I think most parents are in the same boat.
  • Yesterday Kerri had her follow-up appointment with her dermatologist. Her psoriasis is doing so well ever since we started spending as much time as possible outdoors in the sun. She still has some trouble spots, but the doc thinks this is good news, and means that Kerri will respond well to photo-therapy at the Children's Hospital. We are awaiting our referral (still) and I hope we can get in before late Fall, when the days start to get shorter and Kerri won't have that much exposure to the sun.
  • Kerri and I (with Nana's input) are trying to plan hubby's 40th birthday, which is coming up soon. We are not doing that great. So we would appreciate any suggestions.
  • There is still time to enter our recipe contest here. The deadline is Sunday!
Life with Kerri keeps me busy!