my totally beautiful, but oh so sassy little girl

I was warned. People told me how little girls come sassy. How they are snotty and manipulative. Of course so cute and fun and adorable....the obvious things, but this other side that's just not cute, fun and adorable.

Kate is so hard lately. The screaming never stops. I thought "talking back" started in the pre-teen stage, but nope. Kate has it down. Everything I say that she doesn't agree with, she has a response for.

By the time bedtime rolls around, Shad and I are so ready for her to not only close her beautiful eyes, but close that mouth as well. It's so peaceful in the house when she's sleeping.

After she goes to sleep and we go in to check on them before we go to bed, she looks so serene and precious. Enough, that I miss her even before I go to sleep. And then she wakes up stunningly beautiful. (I still don't understand why that doesn't happen to us. I wish I looked like her when I woke up.) Anyhow, that's my little Kate.