How to clear the pool in five seconds.

Yesterday we spent the entire day outside in our pool. All the neighborhood kids came over to play. Close to dinnertime, there were only two siblings left in the pool, along with Kerri. Then Kerri got a certain look on her face and started to giggle. I knew exactly what had happened.

"Did you just fart in the pool, Kerri?", I asked.

Kerri confirmed, and the two siblings cleared the pool in five seconds flat. Another second later, and they had wrapped themselves up in their towels, collected their belongings, and mumbling thanks took off running for their house.

Kerri and I laughed.

And then Kerri said, "Now I have the pool to myself!"

Of course, that did not last long, because the next neighborhood kid came home from daycare and saw Kerri in the pool. So we spent another hour outside in the water, until Daddy came home.

Life with Kerri keeps me giggling.