Birthday in the 'hood.

We recently had a few new families with children move into our block. One couple, from South Africa, have two pretty daughters, and today was the youngster's 4th birthday party.

Kerri had lots of fun with all the neighborhood kids, filling up on way too much sugar, and then playing in the pool. And then there were games galore, and an impromptu "picnic" on the front lawn - because three cupcakes per kid was absolutely necessary. After 2 bathing suit changes, and hours of fun, we called it a day and came home.

Kerri is now playing her Harry Potter Lego Wii game, and Daddy is playing right next to her. Pookie is in between them, observing. And this happy Mommy is sipping her Tim Horton's coffee and thinking life is sweet.

Have a nice weekend!

Life with Kerri is always a party.