A lazy day of summer....

...was spent playing outside.

And a very special guest joined in on the fun.

You can always tell when Nana grabs my camera, she plays with the buttons.

And no hot summer day would be complete without a frozen treat.

A very cold one.

And sometimes it can give you a brain freeze.

Or a frozen tongue.

Or a sugar coma.

Thank goodness baby doll is patient. This could take awhile.

And summer calls for flip flops.

I took an extra picture for Kerri's godmother Tammie:

And after dinner, we ended our lazy summer day with a trip to an old 50's diner for some old fashioned ice cream sundaes:

Because one brain freeze and sugar coma per day just is not enough in summer!

Nana and I shared a banana split:

Hubby opted for some plain chocolate ice cream:

And this is how we ended our lazy day of summer!

Life with Kerri makes summer fun.