June is here...?

Time flies. I can't believe summer is here already. Tanner's last day of Preschool is Thursday (his "graduation" picture is below....)). I'm not sure that he really qualified for graduating considering he went maybe a total of 15 times the whole year. But he did go 4 times in a row last week, which is a record for him. Life is busy. I guess if you look at my blog it seems like we just go from one fun activity to another, but mostly we're at home busy with the kids. Since Elle has been born, Kate has been getting up at least a couple of times a night, along with Elle waking up all night to nurse. So pretty much, Shad and I are tired. Shad still works a lot, and I'm busy nursing, cooking, cleaning, breaking up fights, playing with the kids, teaching Tanner to read, and trying to squeeze in a work-out here and there, half of the time, holding Elle. Shad comes home and plays hard with the kids while I finish up dinner and nurse Elle again. We eat, read scriptures, sometimes go swimming and get the kids ready for bed. I do the dishes, Shad pays the bills, and by 8:30pm we both fall on the couch exhausted. We look at each other and say, "I think we have time for one show." Then, we are dead tired and start getting ready for bed ourselves. We wake up and do it again. We're tired (did I say that already?? = ), but really happy. There are times each day that the kids light up my world. Our most exhausting, but also the very best times are together as a family.

San Diego this last weekend.