Gravitational Pull

Samuel got to do something special for his birthday. Something he's been begging to do for a long time.

His big brother hooked him up with a real skateboard that didn't come out of the trash. He got to warm up the wheels at a real skateboard park with ramps, rails and quarter pipes.

Peter worked the coarse on bigger wheels.

There is a good reason that I, as a mother, hand these types of excursions over to the big brothers.

But I did do my part. I bought a set of safety gear and twisted the boy's arm to make him wear it.

He said it was embarrassing to wear knee pads.

No one else at the park (of the thirty or so thrill seekers that were there) was wearing knee pads.

I wonder if their mothers know?

Do you think I care if it's embarrassing to wear safety gear?

It's not as embarrassing as taking your kid to Emergency on his birthday with a broken wrist or knee cap.

I've birthed five boys. This isn't my first rodeo.

I understand that they have some kind of deep-seated need to test the laws of science- the effects of gravity, inertia, and velocity...

I just prefer not to be around when they are doing it.