Surprise Visitors

I had quite a few visitors to my studio over the weekend. These were by far my favorites of all:

Look Sarah! Arabs!

Isn't Zen a beauty?! The minute I laid eyes on them I knew of course these horses were Arabs. That distinctive chiseled head and dipped nose is instantly recognizable. Zen held his tail majestically too. I learned that he is a twenty year old and had a career as an endurance race horse (something Arabs are especially good at). He's now retired to a farm where these little homeschooled girls take him out for rides.

I haven't seen a beautiful Arab in years. In my youngster days my friends and I belonged to the Arabian Horse Association, we all owned Arab horses, (my friends showed theirs) and we were very prejudiced when it came to our equine taste.

People around here tend to favor the quarter horses and I don't often see this majestic breed.

The girls promised to take me riding this summer and I'm going to hold them to it.