Tanner's Chores

Today, Tanner did the following:
  • Emptied the dishwasher-he's super good at this. Knows where everything goes in the kitchen. The only thing I put away are knives and glass dishes.
  • Vacuumed the kitchen and family room. Pretty sure that he made more of a mess than actually cleaned up. He uses the Swivel Sweeper, which is awesome for kids, unless they lift it up off the ground. Then you get every single crumb that was vacuumed up, flung at you, until the vacuum is empty. That happened a couple of times....by Tanner and Kate. But I have to overlook the huge mess they created....they were vacuuming, right?
  • Folded all of his own clothes. He was awesome at this. I didn't even teach him how. He just did it.
  • Put away his clothes, my clothes, Shad's clothes, and the s' clothes.
  • Cleaned half his room. I know it's just half, but still...you should see it. Half is a MAJOR accomplishment. Notice there aren't many pictures on my blog of their room? Reason #1...very little natural light exists in their room. Reason #2....every single toy they own, plus feathers and rocks they've found at the park and insisted on bringing home, hardened food leftover from who knows when, lots of sippies, Kate's panties that she's decided to take of because "I got a little pee on them Mom", along with Tanner's sandy clothes that he flung on the floor, are EVERY WHERE. Anyhow, back to my point-Tanner cleaned up part of it today.
We've done star charts for a while now. Where a certain number of starts equal dollars. Well, he's over for some reason. Today I did quarters. He wasn't too thrilled until I taught him that 4 quarters equal a dollar. Then his eyes lit up and he begged for chores. I don't know if I'm doing it the wrong way...bribing him with money to work. But it really comes in handy with him having his own money (which he rarely has because he spends it as fast as he gets it lately). For example when we're at the store and he wants something, all I have to do is ask, "Do you have any money? Do you want to spend it on that? It's your choice."

He's growing up.