These are the last pottery photos I will post for a long, long time. I am taking a hiatus, a sabbatical, a vacation, a break- from pottery. I have so much baking to do in the next four months that I can't possibly spend even an hour in my studio. Also, this last cycle of throwing, glazing and firing was so grueling it almost killed me. I'm....burned....out.

The ironic thing is....

I really like the work that came out of that last difficult firing.

Here it is.

New glaze. Like it alot.

New technique. Like it too.

I spent one throwing session making twenty tiny bowls. Just for fun.
This was my favorite. It has the new copper glaze on it.

This was unexpected. The effects are a happy accident due to the looonnnggggg firing time.

Jars are usually a throw-away, quick bread and butter thing. But I like these.