Our Egg Inspiration

About six years ago I spent one day in Hungary while on a trip to Europe. The reason I was there is that I was a chaperone for a concert tour of my son's orchestra (Portland's Metropolitan Youth Symphony). The conductor of the orchestra was originally from a little town in Hungary and while we were traveling through Austria he asked to make an excursion to visit his hometown. It was interesting getting across the border with four buses of 170 people with their passports, let me tell ya!

It was pouring rain that day and I forgot my camera in the bus. (I hate that!) I only did a few things that day: I walked blocks and blocks trying to find an apothecary where I could buy some eye drops for my painfully bloodshot, post eleven hour trans-Atlantic flight eyeballs, (looking for a shop and buying eyedrops in a small Hungarian town is another story for another day...); I ate some scorching hot Hungarian Ghoulash in a tiny cafe (while in Hungary eat like a Hungarian I say!) and I escaped the rain in a lovely little gift shop where the shop keeper actually spoke four words of English.

In that gift shop I couldn't resist the beautiful hand-decorated duck eggs. They are made in the method of Ukrainian eggs which was a craft I had learned and subsequently also taught to the young people at our church and also my own children.

Can you believe I got these lovely things home in my suitcase without any loss? The shopkeeper gave me that Hungarian egg carton. Though the eggs were too big for it I brought them home in it.

I have kept these hidden away since my trip, that is why they are still not broken. Is it safe to bring them out yet?

Today, when the chores are finished, I will introduce my two youngest boys to the art of Ukrainian egg decoration. Alyssa has already made a few beauties this week.

I will do a post soon with the results of our efforts. But I guarantee our eggs won't be as beautiful as these.