No You're Homonyms

Quiz: Which sentence uses the homonym incorrectly? (No cheating now!)

A) Getting fired from his job severely jolted his complacency.

B) They surrounded themselves with a bunch of complaisant assistants.

C) After winning eight games in a row, it was natural for us to grow complaisant.

D) The voters are too complacent to try to change the government.

Until today I did not realize that complacent has a homonym. I've taught the lists in this vocabulary book that includes these words and sentences at least four times now. Maybe more.

I'm kinda slow.

That's what keeps homeschooling interesting-- I learn stuff. I think I'm supposed to be teaching stuff but really I'm learning stuff. Everyday. Stuff I probably should have known before.

So without looking at a dictionary or some other vocabulary help, can you choose the sentence with the word used incorrectly?

If you can, do you know if there is some word trick for remembering which spelling goes with which definition?

It would really help me a lot.


P.S. After some contemplation, I am thinking that since complacent is used most commonly, most people know what it means and complaisant is not often used. I think that is why I didn't know the word complaisant existed nor did I understand its use and definition. Or maybe it is used more than I thought and I make the mistake of assigning it the definition of complacent.