Easter Morning

The morning started of at about 4 am, when Tanner crawled in our bed. I'm pretty sure he spied some eggs on the way to our room and then had a VERY hard time going back to bed.

I remember those feelings like yesterday. How excited I was when I went to bed before Easter morning. Every time I woke up at night, wondering if maybe the Easter bunny was in my house, right then. Then trying my hardest to go back to sleep so morning would come quickly.

Easter morning was so fun this year with the kids. They kept wondering how the Easter bunny got into our house, and laughing at all the funny places he hid eggs. Their faces lit up when they saw the tiny, colorful eggs all over the house. So fun.

We asked the Easter Bunny to write Tanner and Kate's initials on the eggs this year, to prevent fights. Kate's were hidden in easier spots than Tanner's. I think the Easter Bunny had fun hiding Tanner's eggs. It took him a long time hunting for the perfect spots. I had to remind the bunny a couple of times that Tanner is only 4 feet tall, and to maybe hide the eggs a bit lower = ).

This has been one of the best mornings, ever. Egg hunting this morning, happy children, watching General Conference in our jammies as a family, holding Elle while she slept and I listened to talks, staring at the kids joyful faces when they saw President Monson, feeling the wonderful weather on my skin with the windows wide open, and lots of yummy food to look forward to this afternoon, eaten with great friends. Happy Easter.