stuck on what to feed your kids??

Scones. This is what we called fried whole wheat bread dough growing up. Not quite sure where "scones" came from considering they are nothing like the traditional English scones, however, my Mom made these all the time growing up, but they were shaped into rectangles and we'd spread honey butter all over them. Tanner was obsessed with the churros from Costco, so I decided to make my own healthy version. To some they may seem unhealthy...fried carbs. Let the guilt subside. The flour is whole grain...100% Kamut flour (chock-full of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals), freshly ground this morning. The sweetener....honey. The fat....olive oil. The oil it's fried in...100% exepeller cold pressed canola oil. The cinnamon sugar they are rolled in? Well, come on, you want your kids to eat them right?

I make a big batch of these and Tanner eats them all day. Every single picky child that walks through my front door LOVES these and beg for more. I love making them because they bring back the memories of having them growing up and there's something that nourishes the soul when you make bread dough from scratch and then watch your kids devour the final product.

Here's the how-to.

Some tips:
  • Here's the Whole Wheat Bread Dough recipe. The same recipe can be used to make these Cinnamon Rolls.
  • They probably aren't going to be perfect the first takes a little practice, so don't get frustrated (try to pronounce it like Simon on American sounds much cooler... "fris. trated."
  • In step 3, when you put the cut pieces in the oil, put the top of the dough face down into the oil first. It poofs better this way. Also to test the oil to make sure it's hot enough, just use a little scrap of dough...see how it fries up and adjust temperature.
  • I freeze the remaining dough in smaller portions so I don't have to make the dough every day.