recent purchases

A couple of weeks before I had Elle, I spied this on the newsstands:

Not a typical magazine I'd buy. But that picture. I loved it. I wanted the blue walls (yes, this is why I painted my walls blue) and I really wanted the yellow rose pillows. I was in a hurry so I threw the magazine in the cart, hoping that they'd have the details on the beautiful pillow inside. I figured if they didn't, or if it was outrageously expensive, at least I'd have the picture and I could sew it myself....a pain, but I'd do it.

And what do you know, but inside the magazine, they listed every item on the much and where to get it. Target is the place to get the pillow. The place Shad complains about every time he gets our bills in the mail. "What do you buy at Target Liz? I don't get it." Obviously he hasn't spent much time there. I go to 3 different Targets here and NONE of them have that pillow. So I google it and it says on some random Dwell blog, that Target will be getting it in there stores on February 14th, a Sunday. Bummer. I will have just had a baby and I can't really go out on a Sunday to buy a pillow. So I mark it on my calendar (yes I was that obsessed with this pillow), and figured I'd try to get it online. The blessed day comes, and YES, they have the pillow but wouldn't be shipping it out for at least a month. I still bought it. Then about 2 weeks ago, I was in Target and I saw 1 pillow left. I bought it just in case mine never shipped out. Then yesterday I get an email saying they're back-ordered for who knows how long, blah, blah, blah. I canceled the order and was so grateful I snatched the pillow up when I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Can you tell I was a bit pre-occupied with this pillow? Here is the beauty.... (it looks much better in real-life):

Shad has been bugging me to add more stuff to the family room. He thought it was too empty, so I found this great chair on, but googled it and found it cheaper at with free shipping. I love it.