If I play it right, I'll be able to retire soon.

Lately the boys have taken it into their heads to pop out of bed at the crack of dawn, hoover a bowl of cereal and hit the books. Their schoolbooks. What on earth has gotten into them, I do not know but they are practicing their cursive writing in their pajamas before I've even brushed my teeth.

As soon as they have sensed that I have blinked my eyes in semi-consciousness, they are on my bed looking for assistance with their math or language lessons or wanting to read to me from their reading books.

Just give me a minute, will ya?

Now- I'm not complaining. It's a nice change from the status quo which is me with red hot pokers, cattle prods and buckets of ice water trying to motivate two little boys to memorize their multiplication tables and write in a straight line.

Usually in the early morning before schooltime they take a little extra time to work on their tree house when they are supposed to be carrying in the firewood, they play with the goats when they are supposed to be collecting eggs and they disappear altogether when the school bell rings. (The symbollic school bell...I don't really ring a school bell. What kind of homeschooler do you think I am?)

So getting all the schoolwork done long before lunch has been kind of nice. We've had lots of time for other elective classes...

....like home ec.

Banana Bread 101

Next we'll start on Laundry 101 with experiments in testing the differences between powdered and liquid laundry soap.

Then on to Vacuuming 201: Moving the furniture.

Who knows how long this little phase will last. I need to take full advantage of their enthusiasm.

I suppose I could add some Latin or geography or welding.

But these other electives just seem so much more useful.