Pottery: Faceting mugs

More texture techniques in the pottery studio. This time instead of using something like a bath mat, I used actual pottery tools.

These are loop tools for trimming things like the foot of a plate or bowl.

I used them to carve grooves in the outside of some large mugs. This technique is called "faceting."

First I started with straight lines, followed by curved ones which are a little trickier.

Then I used a wider loop and mixed it up a little. The one on the right ended up being my favorite.

You'll notice that this is a white clay body compared to the previous post's red clay body. They will react differently with the glazes. The redder clay has more iron in it and the iron influences the glazes.

I then put some handles on these. I liked how this one had more of a sculptural feel to it.

I spent way more time on these mugs then I do on unfaceted mugs. They probably took me three times longer to make. I think I'll be making more of them though.