Pie in the Sky Anniversary Contest!

Time's up! Winner will be announced Tuesday morning!

One year ago today, February 25, 2009, I wrote my very first blog post.
My kids made me do it.

So to have some fun and to say thank you to all of you who read along and especially to those who bless me with your comments, I'd like to give away a piece of my pottery!

Uh...I intended to show you a piece of my pottery to entice you to enter the contest, but I forgot to photograph something. I promise I will do that today and get it posted so you can decide if it's worth the trouble to enter the contest. But still....I hope you'll join in the fun and enter anyway, even if you hate handmade pottery!

Here's what we'll do. Following this is a rerun of my very first blog post that only about three people saw. I thought it was worth a chuckle to post again. I know I still chuckle when I read it. It is pictures of my pies accompanied by well-known movie quotes with a certain word substitute. I think they sound much better (i.e. funnier) with my word in them. For the contest today, the challenge is to go to the comment box and tell me the names of the movies that these almost right quotes came from. You should have ten correct movie titles in the comment for one entry in the contest. I will take all the correct answers and randomly choose a winner for a piece of my pottery. I will only use one right answer per person for the drawing but you can enter as many wrong answers as you'd like! The contest will end Monday, March 1 at 9:00pm Pacific time so there will be plenty of time to ask your kids for help or check out Wikipedia if you don't like movies and don't know all the answers!


Name that movie!

(1) "I'll make him a pie he can't refuse."

(2) "You're gonna need a bigger pie."

(3) "Look Daddy! Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his pie."

(4) "You can't handle the pie."

(5) "May the pie be with you."

(6) "Show me the pie."

(7) "Leave the gun....take the pie."

(8) "Go ahead....make my pie."

(9) "I'll get you my pretty....and your little pie too!"

and one more:

(10) "I feel the need....the need for pie."