I promise! Spring will come!

So it's February. Still winter. The weather here in the Columbia River Gorge is mild. Very mild. 50 degrees. Overcast. Occasional, very occasional sun. But I hear the rest of the country is experiencing real winter. Are you having fun yet? Building some biceps with those snow shovel work-out routines? Have you taught the kid how to start the car yet so you can send him out to warm it up before you have to get in it?

Well, how about we take a walk in the garden. Let's put on our hat and gloves...no, not that stocking hat and not those furry gloves....a garden hat and some garden gloves! Let's take the mind off the snow and slush and ice and wind for just a few minutes.

Let's take a garden tour!

Let's try to remember that this too, shall pass and the sun will come out tomorrow....
and the flowers will bloom once again.
Someday. Somewhere.

Without a doubt, the prettiest garden in my neighborhood belongs to my friend Karen. She's just a hop, skip and a jump down the road. Sometimes we cook together or walk her dogs. I often skip down there to tour her garden. Karen is a talented landscape designer and a tenacious gardener. She spends countless millions of hours in her gardens and the love shows.

I can tour Karen's gardens often but the landscape will look a little different every time I see it. Something new will be blooming, or some new shrub will have been added or the order of springtime will give way to the chaotic lushness of summer.

For instance, here's a little arbor that is the entrance to her lovely back garden where raised beds of vegetable plants are surrounded by creeping thyme. This photo was taken in late spring.

Here's the same arbor in its summer glory. Makes me want to cry tears of summer longing...

There is a delight around every turn in Karen's gardens. Water features, bird houses....

...quiet spots for contemplation...

....aahhh.....can you feel it? Take a deep breath! Can you see it?

It is! It's coming!

Some day....I promise.