updates on the kiddos

  • No longer has an ounce of patience in her. Her favorite thing to say is, "It's taking for a long time." For example, she'll tell me (no longer asks) to get her water, and as I'm getting up to get it, pouring her water she says, "Get. Me. Water. Mom." I'll respond, "I'm getting it right now Kate, can't you see I'm pouring it?" Then her favorite phrase, "But it's taking for a long time". Drives me nuts.
  • All day long shes exclaims, "I'm a big girl".....unless I ask her if she wants to wear panties and she'll say, "Well, it's just that I'm a little girl and I need to wear diapers Mom." (even though she's worn panties a ton lately and never had one accident...she completely knows how to go potty.
  • She's told me a couple of times about our upcoming arrival, "Daddy will take care of the baby, you will take care of me."
  • EVERYTHING is: "Just girls". She's obsessed with it. I must hear a hundred times a day, "Only girls" or "Just you and me Mom, cuz we're girls" She only wants me to get her dressed, change her diaper, carry her around, get her food, play her movies, buckle her seat belt, tuck her in at night, give her kisses, etc.
  • She is still constantly taking her clothes off. All of us will be in long sleeves and pants, while she's in diaper, because it's "too hot".
  • A couple of nights ago, at 11pm, Shad and I are trying to go to sleep and I hear little footsteps walk down the hall and our door shuts. Curious, I get up to peek in the kids' room. Kate is up, in the dark, playing with her toys. I was super tired and I figured, she wasn't bothering me, so I went back to bed. 2 minutes later, I hear more footsteps and my door shuts again. My little 2 year old trying to cover up her tracks. = )
  • feisty. bossy. independent. It used to be cute. It's not anymore.
  • Everything has to be red and pink, because she's "a girl and girls like red and pink." I swear I did not teach her that.
  • Loves her baby dolls. She always pretending to be a mommy and taking care of her baby. All of her dolls names are "baby".
  • Gives my tummy a hug and a kiss several times a day and says, "I love you baby."

  • Obsessed with doing chores for stickers, which turn into money. He has has me help him find toys he wants on the computer, asks how much they are, and then says, "how much more do I need to save?" Then he asks what jobs he can do. He unloads dishwasher, loads dishes (with my help...he just learned this one), cleans the outside of fridge, washes chairs and baseboards, cleans up the toys on the back porch and cleans out the van (this was my favorite chore he did). Most of the time he likes me to do it with him, side by side and most of the the time it's more work for me. BUT, I see potential for the future. = ) He also will get a sticker if he is a gentleman and helps me carry something from the car or opens the door for Kate and I.
  • He and Kate, play play play, and then, fight fight fight. It's really nice when they're playing and more than I can bear when they're fighting. They're really into this pestering stage. Completely provoking each other every opportunity they can get. Drives me nuts.
  • He's super into organizing his toys. They are laid out on a table in his room in perfect rows. He won't play with most of them, keeping them in their place. If someone adjusts them in anyway, by even an inch, he's gets hysterical, sobbing. Shad and I aren't sure about this OCD habit of his. Hopefully he'll grow out of it??
  • No more art. He was such a little artist for a couple of years and now he won't touch it.
  • He is a great little sleeper. Sigh (of relief).
I'm in love with them both, and as much as they drive me crazy, I still can't seem to get enough of them.