kate reading to her babies

I had to do this in secret....hid the camera so she wouldn't be suspicious. It worked. However, Tanner is watching a movie in the background, so you'll have to really listen for Kate. = )

If you can't tell, here's the convo:

me: What are you doing Kate?

kate: Reading mines books to my babies.

me: Oh, I bet they like it so much.

kate: Well. How 'bout they sit by us. You and me.

me: Yeah.

kate: Hey, let's both read it.

me: Both of us read it. Hey, do your babies have names?

kate: Probably, that one Miley.

me: What's her name?

kate: This baby? Oh...this baby? Two Mileys. And I have another baby in mine tummy.

me: you do?

kate: cuz I a Mom