Nothing too life-threatening, just paint colors.

Ahhhhh!!!! Always seems like it will be so much fun to paint until the swatches start going on the walls. Then the confusion sets in. The way it looks in natural light vs. nighttime light, this wall vs. this corner that gets more shade than the other wall, etc. How is really going to look when the whole room is painted that color. One accent wall, or all the walls. Do I want a color that's slightly more neutral so that I'll like it longer, or should I just go with the one I love, that may be totally trendy and I will want to repaint in 1-2 years (and based on Shad and my moving record....we move anyway every 1-2 years, which means new paint...which means it doesn't matter if I pick the too trendy color).

Right now, I have 8 different blue-gray-green paint swatches on my family room walls. I have a painter coming Saturday morning at 6am (yeah, I think I'm going to pass at doing it myself 5 days before I deliver a baby), which means I need to buy the paint tomorrow.

Opinions? More neutral blue-gray (specifically Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage) or a bit more trendy, vibrant, blue-green. It's for this room in my house:

We spend most of our time in connects to the kitchen and has the tv/computer/music in it. My kids pretty much eat the majority of their meals and play with their "army guys" and princesses on the brown ottoman or at the mini green table. Kate's "babies" take their naps in here while she talks to them, we read books in here and most importantly this is where Shad and I will grow wider, together...on the couch eating cookies and watching our shows after the kids go to sleep. We are always in this room. So it needs to be a color we love.

Below is my friend, Kodi's home. She has the paint color I'm leaning toward. (hope you don't mind Kodi)

This happens to be the "more vibrant" color....which on her walls, I LOVE, but when I look at the swatch I painted on my wall, it looks super bright.

So now that I've analyzed this all on paper (okay, computer), I think I've decided. The "more vibrant" color it is. Thanks for listening.

By the way, can you tell I'm in nesting mode? It's like this with every baby. I can hardly sleep at night anyway because of how dang uncomfortable it is, but when I am able to sleep, I can't, because my mind is racing with projects I want to do.