Kate and her potty chair. She wears panties some days, diapers on others. Sometimes she'll wake up and say, "I want to wear panties. I'm a big girl today." And then the next day she'll say, "I think I need my diaper on. I'm a baby today." I just roll with it. Also, notice she's in a tank top with no pants on. It was 67 degrees in the house when I took this picture. It's pouring rain outside and she is still hot.

Here I am...38 weeks. My cesarean is scheduled for 2 weeks from today. I'm excited to have the baby, but the realization of surgery and healing from that while getting no sleep and having raw nipples while nursing with my uterus contracting at the same time...I'm not quite as anxious as I was a couple of weeks ago.
Came across this great idea for packaging up Valentine cookies (or any other special occasion) it off of Long Thread blog, who got it off of Martha Stewart. You make gigantic cookies, pop them into a white CD sleeve, and stick on these cute labels you print out on your computer with adhesive paper. I showed Tanner and we decided to make chocolate cookies with pink m&ms for the cookies. He was pretty excited...although, I think he's more excited about eating the cookies, than delivering them to his friends.
Shad and I have been in a concert mode lately.
  • In December we went to Andy Williams (click to play one of his songs). It was incredible. We absolutely loved it. It was all Christmas music and really put us in the spirit of the season. We were probably the only people under the age of 75 in the room, and I was one of the few women who hadn't had plastic surgery, and definitely the only one who was pregnant and stripped her boots and socks of mid-show due to being so dang hot, but still, it was so fun.
  • Last week we went to Disney's Rockin' Roadshow. Total disappointment. We've always loved everything Disney. We've seen two Disney musicals in NYC on Broadway, we have season passes to Disneyland, and have a huge stockpile of Disney movies from old-school to new, but this was again, way disappointing. Boring, the kids couldn't see (and I bought really good tickets...5th row), the cotton candy was 10 bucks each (yowsa...Shad went took Tanner to Disneyland the day before and it was only $4 there), the princesses LIPSINCED. Can you believe that? Most of the show was the MC, who I did not blow a small fortune on to tell jokes for a couple of hours. Anyhow, it was a bummer.
  • This weekend Shad and I have tickets to see Harry Connick Jr. I am way excited for this. I heard he is amazing to see and puts on a great show.
  • And lastly, the one I'm bummed that I won't get to go to because I will have just had a baby....Bon Jovi. I bought Shad tickets for he and his buddies to go next month. Most of the concerts Shad goes to (the latest...Metalica) I am thrilled he has friends that want to go, so I can stay home, but this one, I think would be fun as couples. Maybe even be super cheesy and dress-up in Bon Jovi-like attire.

I'm totally in the nesting mode and started a bunch of projects, and then got tired. I'm sure after the baby I'll be feeling better and have tons of time to finish them. = ) I bought fabric for these projects, but never finished (okay I'll admit, some of them, never started...just bought the fabric and patterns for):

I also bought this wallpaper 6 months ago to put in my kitchen nook area, and still haven't put it up.

I also have 4 samples of paint on my family room walls, none that I'm in love with, which means another trip down to the paint store, but I'm too tired. Shad's less than thrilled with the grafiti-ish look we have going on .

Kate, Tanner and I all had birthdays last week. Kate turned 3, Tanner turned 5 and I turned 30. The pictures below are the only pictures I have of the birthdays. Kate let me snap pictures of the cake and then Shad snuck one of her opening a present. After every present she opened, she'd exlaim, "I always wanted this!" Tanner screamed and yelled at me when he even suspected a camera was near him. It's so frustrating. I'm excited to have a new little one who won't care how many pictures I take of her. I'm hoping Kate will get jealous and let me take some more of her. We gave Tanner the choice of a birthday party with friends or Disneyland with Dad for the day. He chose Disneyland and I was ecstatic.

It's almost 4pm. I'm still in Shad's t-shirt and sweatpants. I suppose I should get dressed.