the latest

This has been our new thing and I'm loving it. Freshly picked off the trees in front of our neighborhood, and then squeezed in our kitchen, nothing can beat it. And the kids think it's like going to Disneyland when they get to pick the oranges.

Shad and all his buddies took all their little girls to Princess and the Frog last weekend. The requirements were: only Daddies and daughters and the girls were to be in princess attire. Well of course Tanner wanted to go too, so he and I went to a different theater and went on a Mommy/son date. Apparently Kate fell asleep for about half the movie on Shad's lap, but Tanner was wide-eyed the whole time. He LOVES going to movies. I think he used to just like the popcorn, candy and soda, but now he really likes seeing the movies. He's at such a fun age.

I've debated whether or not to share this next wealth of information...mostly because it's embarrasing to myself (showing how much my kids watch tv while I'm pregnant), but I've decided to share. Do any of you do Netflix? Well, we used to do it, but never watched the movies mailed to us so we canceled, but now they do this thing called "Instant Play". Tons and tons of movies and shows you can stream on your computer instantly. Shad had been buying a movie a week for the kids to watch on Saturday mornings, so we could sleep in longer (meaning sleep until 6:45am instead of 5am). They are always so much more entertained if it's a new movie they've never seen before, so it was worth it to Shad, to buy a new movie every week. I know, it sounds like a huge waste of money, but when your kids wake up at 5am daily, it seems worth it. Anyhow, now we can just set them up in front of a laptop in our room, or in front of the desktop with a new movie/show whenever they want. It is fantastic. And we pay $8.99 a month. We also get the movies they mail to us, but we use the Instant Play everyday. If you're wondering what the odd looking movie is on the monitor, it's Madeline. = )

We looked at Christmas lights for Family Night with the Biesingers....Tanner refused to be in our family picture (you can see his legs in army pants behind Shad) but was willing to pose with Sia.
Rebecca and her girls were here all of last week and it was so much fun. The kids loved having their cousins here and I loved having Rebecca here. Tanner had a gigantic crush on Anna, his 8 year-old cousin. He followed her everywhere like a puppy dog, sat by her at every meal and during every movie and wanted to do everything she did. Kate loved being carried by Aliese and playing with Gracie. We were all sad to see them go.

I can't believe Christmas is in 9 days. How does it go by so fast?

I went to the doc yesterday, and he my c-section from Jan 30th to Feb 6th...I was less than thrilled.