Christmas Pics

This was us getting ready waiting for our Christmas Eve Program to start. We read the baby Jesus story to the kids and sang the Christmas songs that went along with the story.

Amy made this incredible snake for Tanner and 2 little snakes for Kate (a Mommy and a baby snake). They love them. Tanner carried his around all night and now it rests peacefully on the end of his bed, where all of his prized toys go. Kate sleeps with hers as well, along with her other 20+ stuffed animals.

This is the only picture we have from Christmas morning...Tanner was so anti-picture. Then Kate copied and she was anti-picture. So this one was taken in hiding, without flash, when it was still pitch black outside....creating that beautiful grainy, blurry, dark look. = ) All Kate wanted for Christmas was a baby crib. She loves it.

Kate was in love (in a very motherly way) with her baby cousin Daniel.
Buzz Lightyear jammies from Ama....which he's tried to where every single night since Christmas.

Ama playing with her grandchildren at the park. Who knew our leaves changed colors in December?