• The best news in our house lately...Shad's office at Morgan Stanley, moved to a new location.....across the street from our neighborhood. It's unbelievable. From his office window, he can see our roof. Yes, it's that close. He walks to work now each morning, because it's faster than driving...3 1/2 minutes to be exact. So that's a total of 7 minutes of exercise he gets a day now....much more than he's had in years (on a regular basis). The kids and I actually rode bikes there a couple of nights ago to pick him up from work. I am loving it.
  • I think Tanner may be developing an honesty problem. Meaning he lies. Flat out to my face. Every day. It used to be small lies like... I'll see him hit Kate and say, "Tanner why'd you hit Kate?" He'll say, "I didn't hit Kate." But now he's much more creative. A couple of nights ago, Tanner and I were going to go to Costco by ourselves and right before we left, Kate says, "Nanner, you can get icecream or churros at Costco." Tanner quickly responds, "No, they don't sell those anymore. They ran out." Then later in the car, Tanner says, "Mom when I told Kate that Costco ran out of treats, I was just teasing her. I didn't want her to come with us." Teasing? At least he's a bright kid, right?
  • I am so uncomfortable. No matter how I word it, I can't describe how uncomfortable I am. It is so much worse being pregnant this time around. The Braxton Hix, the pain in my left leg that shoots up my back when I walk, the weird pain in my left foot when I walk, the 3 times I wake up a night because my calves tighten and shooting pain goes through my leg, and then add to it, who knows how many bladder infections I've had this time around which adds to the already huge number of times I go pee in the middle of the night. This baby moves all the time. I usually like feeling my babies move. And I'm grateful she moves a lot, so I know she's okay, but doesn't she ever need rest? Day and night she is like an acrobat. I feel like I can't get a whole breath in, or even a half of a breath. I'm hot constantly...which is freakishly abnormal for me, and I swear I am less smart today than I was yesterday. I can hardly form whole sentences when talking to people. My varicose veins...getting worse by the day and popping up in new places. Hands and feet, already starting to swell. I feel like my all my girl parts are going to fall right out of my body...the pressure down just seems inevitable that it will happen at any time. I have to stop myself from praying that the baby will come today, because obviously that would be bad, but I am so ready to fast forward to January and pop this kid out. Thanks for listening.
  • Kate still thinks she is the boss of the house. She tries, and usually succeeds, at bossing Shad and I both around. Tanner's the only one who won't take it.
  • Tanner lives on soymilk with carnation mixed in. It's going to run out soon, and unfortunately, every store in the area stopped selling it....or so we've told Tanner. Maybe Tanner gets his dishonestly from his parents. I'm wondering when I have to stop lying to my kids...when they'll figure it that an animal bit off the tips of Kate's binkies, or that their candy disappeared Halloween night, or that soymilk is no longer being produced.
  • Did I mention how hot it is? It's November, I'm ready to be cold.
  • I did all my Christmas shopping and packaged it all up, ready to send the week after Thanksgiving to relatives. I figured if I already feel this crappy, I'm definitely not going to be feeling up to Christmas shopping a month from now. I've finished the kids shopping too, and all I have left is Shads. Any great ideas??