Hello, hello.....yes, I am STILL here! I have lots (LOTS) to report to you (my one follower....) but, for now I am trying to find out if anyone knows who adopted the precious babies above. Here's the short version (it won't be short!) I received an email from someone from the province group where we adopted the twins. Anyway, she said someone she knew had just returned from Guangxi and had pictures of my twins. Who (as she explained - which is another story....) were the only set of twins that the orphanage had ever had. She had a picture and wanted to mail it to me as well as an interpreted letter from the director of the orphanage. My heart nearly exploded, but much to my dismay the photo (above) arrived and it clearly was NOT "the fat" girls! Mr. Man actually asked me "if I was sure"??!? Of course I know my babies! See picture of twinkies on my side bar. As you can see the babies in the photo are teeny, tiny widdle girls!! I am trying to locate the parent's so that I can mail the photo to them as well as the note. The following is the information I have. Again, If you know who adopted these precious babies please ask them to contact me.
What we know
Parent's name: (?) Liam O'Shea
Twins name: Lai Fu Feng and Lai Fu Huang
Province: Guangxi Lai Bin
Location: East coast - maybe MA
The girls were were adopted : June 2006
Birthday: May 2005
I have discovered also, that there were only two sets of twins adopted from said agency....until another set materializes! :)
I hope you have all been well. Life is one big bowl of cherries here............and loving it...........
Update: I have found the parents of the twins!!! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. :)