a typical saturday morning

Kids come in. Way. Too. Early. Somewhere between 5-5:45am. It's still dark outside. The four of us lay in bed. Good thing we have a king bed. They beg for us to get up. We say, "Wait until it's light outside. It's still night time. Go back to sleep." It never works. They still beg. They fight, they kick, they laugh, they cuddle. Kate continually says, "I hungry. I want foooooood." When it gets light, we make Tanner a bed on the floor directly in front of the tv. He chooses a show. Kate chooses a show. Usually different shows. An argument happens. Shad and I are still very tired. We settle on a show. Kate lays in bed with us to watch the show, here and there screaming at us if the blanket touches her or looks like it might touch her. Toward the end of the show, they start begging for donuts. Shad says/lies, "The store isn't open yet. It's still too early." This conversation happens every 3 minutes for the next 20 minutes." We get up, get dressed, put the kids in the stroller, walk to the store. Kate chooses any donut that has pink on it. Tanner chooses any donut that has chocolate. Tanner finishes his before we get to the check-out line. Kate has barely taken one bite, but looks like she's smothered the whole thing all over her face and clothes. We walk home. It's November and the weather is perfect outside. I love Saturday mornings.