my baby....for 13 more weeks

She knows something is coming. She wants me to "hold me like a baby" "feed me like a baby" "rock me like a baby" all the time, every day. She's even told me that she doesn't want the new baby to come because she still wants to be the baby.

Of course she still wants it both ways...the best of both worlds. Like when I hand out vitamins, she wants as many as Tanner because she's a "big gi-yill" (big girl). Or when I try to help her get undressed and she yells, "no, I do it!" Or when she doesn't want to take a nap because she's "getting bigger". Or when she wants to sit in a booster and not her carseat "like Nanner, cuz I a big gi-yill".

She's not quite sure if she wants to grow up yet. And I'm not either.