kate's binkies are gone

We finally did it. I've been dreading getting rid of her binkies, but it's been much better than I expected. She was sad the first day (okay, more like devastated) but she hasn't mentioned it since that first day.

Kate had 4 crowns put on her front teeth last Friday, as well as 2 cavities filled. We're not positive what it all stemmed from. She was a breastfed baby until 1 year, she never had juice or went to bed with a bottle, etc. We admit that we weren't that great at brushing her teeth, but we weren't that great at brushing Tanner's either and he was a bottle-baby and has gone to bed with a sippie of soy milk every night for the past 3 years. His teeth are perfect. No cavities, no decay. The only thing we can figure is that we gave them chewable vitamin C before they went to bed each night all of last Winter. We're thinking the acid may have taken off Kate's enamel. But again, Tanner had the vitamin C too, and his teeth are fine. Who knows. Needless to say, $1300 later, watching Kate be put under by an anesthesiologist and now seeing my baby girl's smile looking slightly different than it did originally, we brush their teeth faithfully every night and her binkie is gone.

***Just to clarify....the four caps on her front teet are white. No one would notice a difference but Shad and I. I had a sister call last night extremely worried that Kate had 4 silver front teeth. = )