Kate's hair

The reason I haven't posted any pictures of Kate's hair, is because I cut it. So obviously I need to take her in to a salon now and get it fixed.

Shad and I got back from Hawaii and we'd just had it with her hair. I swear it grew 3 inches while we were gone, it was past her waist. Of course we loved her hair long and beautiful, but she never let us wash it, brush it or fix it. She even started to get cradle cap on her scalp again, because I totally neglected her hair. It was always down in her face, and CONSTANTLY getting in knots under her little armpits. She'd say, "Mom! My hair is stuck under my armpits!" She got gum in it (I know....with hair that long, I'm taking a big risk giving it to her), food in it and it was always in her face when she swam.

So Sunday night, I was cutting Tanner and Shad's hair and we asked her if we could cut her hair for a a piece of gum. She enthusiastically said yes. I just cut it off. I don't know what I was thinking. I've never cut girls hair before, and if you'd seen the haircuts I've given Tanner, you would've warned me not to touch Kates.

Shad loves it and I am in mourning. I wish I would've cut more like 4 inches off instead of the 9 inches I hacked off. Her hair is still past her shoulders, but she looks so grown up. She looks like a little girl. I suppose she is a little girl now, and I realize I'm pregnant with a baby, so I should let go eventually of her being my baby, but I'm just not ready.

Anyhow, we're in Sandiego, so as soon as I get back, I'm taking Kate in to get her hair fixed. I will take a before/after and post next week. I'm thinking bangs on her too. What do you think?

I also bought special shampoo to scrub her scalp with so she wouldn't have cradle cap at the hair salon. We did it this morning, and it was magical. Washed it, scrubbed her scalp with a brush and rinsed her hair. It's gone.

As for the sex of our baby...she's a girl. Hopefully I'll remember not to chop her hair when she has hair to her waist at 2 1/2.