Del Mar

So about 24 hours after we flew in from Kauai, we raced off to Del Mar (Shad had to stack a bunch of his appointments since we'd been gone for a week). Poor Shad was super busy catching up, while the kids and I got to play for 5 days. I know. I've had it really rough these last couple of weeks. = ) It was so much fun. We've been out there 4-5 times this summer but I was always in my first trimester...sick + no energy + grouchy = not a fun Mom. But this time we went to the beach twice a day, looked for shells, dug in the sand, swam in the pool and I must confess, I read a lot on the couch while they played (they've been in this awesome stage where they play together for's wonderful).

Shad "surfed" with Tanner after work. Tanner calls boogie boarding surfing and it's all he talks about. The last collage is of Kennedy, my friend Tara's baby girl. They were up there the whole time as well...her husband works with Shad.