• Right now the kids are playing so good. Not a big deal to everyone else, but it makes me so happy. And "happy" can't even fully explain it. I had no idea before I had 2 kids that some of the greatest joy you could ever experience was seeing your kids love each other so much.
  • Tanner is no longer allergic to dairy. It kind of happened over the last month or so. It's been fantastic.
  • BUT, Kate has had diarrhea everyday for 4 weeks now and wakes up all night saying her tummy hurts. This is all while she's been obsessed with cheese and yogurt and I've started cooking with milk and butter again (because Tanner's okay with it now). This is how it started with Tanner too. We're thinking she must have developed some intolerance to dairy also. We probably sound like hypochondriacs, but if you'd cleaned up as much diarrhea as I have in the last month, you'd be singing a different tune.
  • I really want to see Julie and Julia...comes out on Friday.
  • We decided 3-4 months ago that we were going to stop buying Tanner toys and have him earn money to buy toys himself. We started a sticker chart where if he earns enough stickers, he gets dollars. It was a slow start, but he loves it now. He's saved 28 dollars so far. He counts it almost everyday. = )
  • Kate is very into monsters lately. Every time I put her in her bed, she says, "but the monsters will get me Mom". We're not sure if she's just trying to get out of going to bed or if she's really scared.
  • Kate is also OBSESSED with medicine. These have been her "ailments" that she needs medicine for: "My back hurts Mom. I need medicine." "My feet hurt. I can't walk. Hold me. Medicine will make them feel better." "My tummy hurts (probably a legitimate one)" "My cheek is broken. You need to take me to the dentist to fix it and get medicine" "My head hurts" "I have an owie. I need medicine" She says that while she points to a 2 week old scab the size of a flea. Unbelievable.
  • It's hot here. Way too hot. I wrote a post a while back about how much I love summer her. I take it back. I take it all back. 115 degrees is just too hot.
  • Kate has full confidence in her abilities to swim which scares the living heck out of Shad and I. She refuses to wear her floatie swimsuit or floaties on her arms. She can swim 5-8 ft in the pool by herself, but she doesn't know how to lift her head to take a breath yet. She's constantly telling me, "Don't touch me. I do it" and lets go of me in the pool. Then I have to grab her. She'll take a breath and get mad at me all over again for grabbing her. We're hoping by the end of the summer she'll be able to fully swim, taking breaths and all.