Fun with the Sun Lakes Firefighters!

What an amazing time we all had the other day with the Sun Lakes Firefighters! This activity was set up last minute when we met Captain Robert at breakfast club last week. He was kind enough, along with his amazing crew, to meet up with us to see the truck, the firefighters, and get wet from the hoses. It was a VERY HOT morning but we had a blast. The kids first got to put on the fire hats they gave them and then pick out a water or Gatorade from their coolers. It was a nice treat as standing on the black-top we were all getting very sweaty. They then put on their gear and talked to the kids about fire safety. Also that they aren't scary even with the masks on and the noises it makes.

Then they took down one of the huge hoses and turned it on. It sprayed so far and the kids went nuts! Most of the firefighters joined in the fun of getting soaked and even some moms got wet unexpectedly and on purpose. :) After the kids cooled down they got to take turns at turning on the nozzle of the hose. They then tried to knock down a cone with the water pressure. We then got to tour the ambulance and had fun taking pictures with the crew. We can't thank the Sun Lakes Fire Department enough for such a fun and memorable event. So glad Captain Robert likes the Tropical Smoothie Cafe or we would have missed out on a very fun morning! :) We hope to do it again with our new firefighter friends!

Firemen talking and then the hose turning on!

Knocking down the cone and more fun in the water!