I'm back

Well, in a nutshell, I had 2 sisters come out for a total of 10 days, then we went to Utah for a family reunion, Shad flew home, while the kids and I headed up to Idaho to hang with my sister and her kids for 2 weeks. The whole time I've been sick and feeling really crappy. And in the mean time we found out that my little sister has cancer. So basically, I haven't felt like blogging much.

So, yes. My little sister Amy, who is only 24, was officially diagnosed was Hodgkins Lymphoma. A form of cancer that attacks your lymph nodes. She's had the symptoms for 4+ years, but didn't realize it until her spleen was attacked with cancer and grew to the size of a watermelon. When they took it out, it was full of cancer. She's in stage 3b and has already started chemo. She will lose all of her hair within 2 weeks. I didn't believe it when I first heard it. I thought, the doctors have just got to be wrong. It's taken me a couple of weeks to sink in, and I don't think I'm fully there yet. The good news is, that it's a very treatable cancer with an extremely high survival rate. And obviously she's fighter. She's been fighting cancer now for years unknowingly. She was one of the sisters who came out for 10 days early in the month (before all of this surfaced. Here is a of her with Kate and another with my other sister and myself.

She's an amazing . She is so sensitive to other people's needs and puts 150% of herself into loving the people around her. She is amazingly talented...made slip-covers (with no pattern) for her couches, made her whole bedroom set, recovered furniture, re-finished furniture, sews her own clothes, etc. I love her like crazy.

Here are some pictures of the Lamm family reunion:

My sister Rebecca's, beautiful family:

Fourth of July pics...(the strawberries are from Rebecca's garden!):

The that Tanner fell madly in love with at my sister's house (not a relation...a cousin of a cousin...sounds bad I know, but it's all through in-laws). The poor was chased and smothered by Tanner for 2 weeks. She was really sweet to him.

To change the subject, our A/C is broken. It is currently 6pm and 106 degrees outside (but it has been reaching 114 degrees mid-day). The A/C person can't come until Friday. I hope we don't die.