del mar

I feel like since I've been pregnant and sick, I've skipped this part of our summer...Del Mar. Mark, Shad's business partner, rented a place at the beach for the summer so they could start marketing out in the San Diego area. Lucky us, have been direct beneficiaries of the arrangement. IT IS SO MUCH FUN! The boys will work a couple of days out of the Rancho Santa Fe office, while us s just play with the kids, and then the weekend comes where we're all together, including the Dads.

Tanner loves it because Mark and Shar have 3 boys to play with and Dave (Mark's brother) has a 2 year old that's Kate's age. Directly behind the condo is an inlet from the ocean where the kids go fishing and catch crabs, and across the street the other way is a short walk (one block) to the ocean. Mark and Shar have a dog named "Stew" that Tanner and Kate are OBSESSED with and I don't think I can use that word strongly enough. They love that dog.

Dave barbequed each night and it was delectible. The pictures don't do it justice. He grilled sausage, steaks, hot dogs, corn, zuchinni, asparagus, and s'mores with toasted coconut. It was so good.

I have to say, these 3 dads are incredible. They really get down and play with their kiddos. They had races with their kids on their backs down the inlet, taught their boys how to boogie board and swam for endless hours in the pool with all the kids.

As for the pictures...thank Shad. He begged me to take out the camera to take pictures. It's so not fun right now to take pictures. I just don't have the energy to squat down and chase the kids. And then I don't feel like sitting down to edit them or post them. I sound so pathetic, I know. I am actually feeling tremendously better.

Today is my first doctor appt. I'm about 12 weeks along.